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Connectivity Solutions

Turn to Granite for primary, backup, or failover internet.  We'll negotiate with local providers and fix problems when the wheels come off for both phone line issues, and internet issues – whether you're located in Montana or beyond.


Phone Lines

SIP, PRI, and analog trunking services available from multiple providers.

Metered, unlimited, and bundled long-distance and toll-free options from multiple providers.

All-in-one hosted VoIP services that allow for both remote and in-office functionality.



Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) for a circuit that is dedicated to only your business.

Wireless carrier internet access as a low-cost option for backup services to a DIA solution.

Internet services from multiple carriers combined into one firewall or SD-WAN for always-on internet access.


A Dedicated Partner

A partner to handle ticket escalations and ensure services run smoothly – for all your telecom service providers.

Discover new technologies, plan future development, and create business failover plans with a dedicated Granite team member.

What's the difference between Dedicated Internet Access and Shared Internet?

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